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Crew Travel Communication site

This website is set up to allow you to look up the travel assignments which have been created for you in CMS or Adonis by your HR Manager or Manning Agency.

Dear Traveler,

We want to share some important details with you to help assure your travel arrangements to/from the ship are efficient as possible. We realize that you may be traveling long distances and across multiple time zones, so preparations are key to a safe and enjoyable journey.

The information listed below, outlines the various aspects of most crew travel. We are providing you with access to your travel itinerary (when booked by HAL/SBN) so that you can prepare for your trip. A new web-portal has been set up for crew travelers to be able to search and review your current ‘active’ travel bookings. Please follow the instructions listed in the Travel Itinerary section listed below. You can click the link and sign into the site to see your bookings which are confirmed. A valid Employee ID# and Date of Birth are required for secure sign in.

In general, most crew travel assignments are loaded into the systems at (SBN 30-days and HAL 85-days prior to trip date). The actual travel bookings may not appear if the assignment is not finalized or is modified within these date ranges through the assignment planning process. If you do not see your travel itinerary information, please check back on the site as travel is constantly being booked and loaded in our systems. (In all cases, the travel is confirmed at least 14-days prior to trip date).

We hope you will find this information helpful as you prepare for your company travel. As always, Airsea is available in emergency travel situations to assist our company travelers 24/7/365 and can be reached at (206) 262-5800 (collect calls are accepted).

We wish you a safe and efficient journey.

AirSea & HR Assignment Planning

Note: If you are a SBN Filipino Joiner, you must contact Singa for all travel information. If you are a HAL Filipino Joiner, you must contact UPL/Instone for your flight information.

To access the new portal, a valid Employee ID# and Date of Birth are required for secure sign in the first time you visit the site. If you do not know your Employee number, you must contact your HR Representative before proceeding.

In User Login:

  • Choose the company you are working for (HAL or Seabourn) from a drop-down menu.
  • User ID field, enter your Employee Number.
  • Initial password, you will enter your Date of Birth followed by Z# (format: MM/DD/YEAR; ie. If your birthday was April 8 1976, you would enter 04081976Z#).
    The special characters Z# at the end of your Date of Birth are a requirement.

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